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The Greater Amarillo Foster Parent Association (GAFPA) is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1983.


We are an organization that reaches out to Foster/Adoptive Parents to help with the Trainings parents need to continue to meet State requirements for Licensing of Foster Homes.  


The association strives to provide families with Community, Support,  activities throughout the year that will allow the children to explore different Local Activities and experiences that the Local community offers.


GAFPA actively campaigns to increase public awareness of the Foster Care System in general and the Support of the children within our community served by our Foster families.  


We seek support both on the individual and corporate level to ensure the needs of children in care are met and ensure they can live their life with all normalcy possible while in care.


There is a vast need for people of the community to bond together to help the children who are in care.   There are more children in care than caregivers to care for them.


If you feel like that you cannot help by being a foster parent,  there are many other volunteer opportunities needed, Respite caregivers (care for children to allow Foster parents a chance to have a date night or time away.)   There is a need for CASA workers (court appointed advocates for children).  CASA workers speak in court for the children when they cannot communicate for themselves and their wishes. 





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